Lady Justice

The lady justice team is here to help. You may have already begun your dream or maybe it’s still in your heart. We believe that with our guidance your idea or cause can get there without mistakes and detours that usually derail us. So if you have a book in you or a movie, a cause or a business idea, let us breathe life into the seed that been germinating for far too long. We urge you to take action, step up, and join Karen and her team.

We make it happen!

When you hire LJG to create a web site and business roll out you get a complete marketing team. We start at the finish line and work our way back to step one.

We create a world class webs site and use a social media marketing plan for your company to increase connections to increase SEO and provide a network to support open communication.

Build trust, engage, and be able to quickly dispense information to members/followers/fans utilizing the latest tools and strategies.

The Lady Justice team includes:

Marketing, Media, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Technology, and Strategic Communications, Motivation, Organizational Culture, Open Door Management, and when no one else believes in you and have nowhere else to go, we will pick you up, dust you off and carry you across the finish line.

Web site development and management
Direct donation acquisition (Corporate and Consumer)
Market Research
Social Media
Public Relations
Project Management
Email Database Management
Market Analysis
Marketing Campaigns
Vendor Management
Web Technologies
Digital Marketing
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing
Data Reports
Time Management
Team Leadership
Business plan
Grant acquisition

Most of the above talents come from a powerful results oriented “Jumpstart Team”. We are more “hired guns” than long term employees; we specialize in innovative nonprofit donation and corporate giving strategies. We come in; evaluate weakness, strengths, and goals. Formulate a 3-6 month plan, budget, and strategy. You approve we implement and report back monthly with results. We then reevaluate and prelaunch again. Once the system is working and desired metric is fulfilled we train employees to replicate in house. Thus establishing a cash funnel that can be turned on or off depending on needs.

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