What is Lady Justice? Justice is about righting the wrongs we see in the world, and also happens to be my last name. Iʼve strived over the last several years to right some of the wrongs that Iʼve seen in the world. From the world of physical abuse, to drug abuse and back, I have seen the importance of spiritual transformation in individuals, allowing them to be able to make a difference in the lives of others and give something back to the world. I have had the opportunity to grow spiritually as a result of my own lifeʼs journey. Since my fatherʼs death from cancer, I have wanted to do something to help people, and their families, who suffer from this dreadful disease. Lady Justice provides that vehicle for me.” ~ Karen Justice Guard, Founder. Karen Justice-Guard is an author, award-winning entrepreneur, and visionary committed to helping change the face of cancer. All LadyJustice profits go to fund clinical trials for last stage Cancer patients.


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